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What they said about the game


Vae Victis #75
" Les règles sont relativement complètes: embuscades, fumigènes, champs de mines, fortifications, obstacles antichars, parachutistes, etc, vous retrouverez touts les «classiques» du genre, traités avec des mécanismes simples et ludiques, comme les règles de base d'ailleurs. "

" Dans l'ensemble, Ambush Blitz! est une règle qui previlégie la jouabilité tout à fois grâce à des mécanismes simples et grâce à l'utilisation d'hexagones qui facilitent grandement les movements et les tirs, en évitant les «pinaillages» pour calculer les distances ou les angles de tir. "


Mandarin's Manor blog
" If I have to describe the rules with one word, I would use the word "subtle". One get a lot of WW2 tactics and effects (at least how I interpret them) with minimal amount of rules. "


Bettlegames #9
"...a list of saving throw circumstances is not present."; "...the basic infantry unit is a section" (!); "I have to say I don't get it;"
"Review" with support from the Editor

Warning Order - online magazine #19
"In todays age of gaming where playability is king and reading rules is frowned upon, this set fits the bill nicely."


Armées Miniatures #9
Vae Victis Hors Serie
" Tous les mécanismes sont a l'avenant, c'est-à-dire quil sont simples, à base de quelques jets de dés. En résumé, Ambush Bliz est d'une excellente jouabilité, renforcée par l'utilization d´hexagones comme surface de jeu. "
"All mechanisms are in the same vein, that is they are simple, requiring a few dice throws. In short, Ambush Blitz has excellent playability, reinforced by the use of hexes as the game board." (translation)


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What we do say


"Language" issues.

A) Curved fire is a term used to describe a projectile's trajectory, from ballistics, as opposed to flat fire.
Encyclopaedia Britannica
In curved fire the trajectory can be described by an ellipse, hyperbola, or parabola; in reality it may be a more complex curve, with differing ascending and descending branches.

Note: some want to argue that 'flat fire' does not exist, but this term is generally correct to designate a trajectory when the angle is very wide and the curved component of the path is irrelevant.


B) Correct terms to classify the target's visibility are direct fire (visible target) and indirect fire (the target is not visible to the firing battery).

Indirect fire definition
(ordnance) Gunfire delivered at a target that cannot be seen from the gun position or firing ship.
McGraw Hill Professional
While in wargaming lore the terms above might assume other meanings, we do try to address these issues properly, both technically and militarily.

C) The word 'Idle' would be better replaced by 'Task' (conclusion from the Yahoo 1/144 discussion group); this has no influence on the game, but proper terminology is important to us.